Dillon at Present

Dillon Aero has fielded more than 6,000 weapons systems in more than 30 countries. Since the Dillon M134D and M134D-H became the standard model in US and allied services in 2003, the company has relentlessly strived to improve all aspects of every system and installation. Our engineering staff has successfully integrated the M134D system into 18 different rotory wing platforms types totaling some 400 plus airframes, brought the system to ground vehicles and remote weapons stations, and developed the Point Guard Naval Self Protection System for use on both large naval vessels and small boats.

On land, the M134D is presently deployed worldwide for convoy escort, border patrol, and VIP protection. In the naval role, Miniguns are utilized in force protection on the U.S. and foreign blue water and riverine fleets, as well as fire support weapons on Special Operations boats. Notably, the M134D is most predominantly used in helicopters, and is now customizable to all military and commercial helicopters. As a modular system, it is easily adapted to any existing platform, and performs equally well in the Fixed Forward Fire or Crew Served modes. Due to its compact size, this lightweight weapon structure offers efficient performance when and where it’s needed.

Since 2000, Dillon’s product line has grown to include high-capacity feed systems for the M134D as well as the M240, M60, PKM, .50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun, and MK19 Grenade Launcher; a wide range of helicopter, naval, and vehicle weapon mounts; and a complete line of safety and support equipment for the Minigun.

Our test cell continues its exhaustive work augmented by a second dedicated engineering test range facility and a fleet of land vehicles representative of our customer base. With mobile support staff on every continent and dedicated service centers being introduced worldwide Dillon’s customer support is the best in the industry.