Advanced M134D Operator/Maintainer – 5 Day Training Course

Dillon Aero offers an advanced training course that is designed to train users in comprehensive Operation and Maintenance of the M134D System, and covers much more than the basic weapon familiarization course. In this course, each individual student is allotted extended time for practical hands-on exercises with the M134D System, under direct Dillon Aero Instructor supervision until 100% competency is demonstrated, and instructor-confirmed.

Once a student completes this course, they will have the ability to effectively demonstrate safe and effective operation, as well as operator/intermediate-level maintenance, of the weapon system in accordance with Dillon Aero published manuals and guides.

This course will aid, and is intended for those seeking to become an M134D System Instructor at their respective Unit or AOR. Training is comprised of 4 days of in-classroom instruction, and 1 days of live fire instruction. Course instruction consists of detailed explanation, demonstration, and individual student hands-on participation. Dillon Aero provides live weapons, training aids, tool kits, special tools, fixtures, linked inert dummy ammunition and linked live ammunition for live fire range for use during the course. This course is limited to 6 personnel, maximum.

*Please contact us if you need more than 6 personnel per course. See links below.


  • M134 History/Dillon Aero company history
  • Safe and proper gun handling during maintenance and operation
  • Theory/method of operation
  • M134D Nomenclature, characteristics, and general data
  • Gun system set up and function checks
  • Ammunition handling and magazine loading
  • Gun loading and clearing procedures
  • Immediate/remedial action drills
  • Live-fire training
  • Weapons handling, trigger and burst control, platform-specific gun handling skills
  • Weapon maintenance (Operator to intermediate level)
  • Pre-fire and post-fire operator maintenance/troubleshooting
  • Disassembly, inspection, repair, replacement, lubrication/servicing, reassembly, and function checks
  • Use of Dillon Aero tool kits, fixtures, special tools, and training aids


  • M134D Operations and Maintenance Manual (hard copy)
  • M134D Quick Reference Guide (hard copy)
  • M134D Gun Maintenance, Feeder/Delinker Assembly/Disassembly, Magazine Loading DVD
  • Certificate of Training Completion

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