Major Accessories

Major accessories of the Dillon M134D are:

  • Ammunition Counter
  • Barrel Clamp Safety Retainer Assembly
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Bullet Trap Assembly
  • M134D Assembly/Disassembly Fixture Kit

    Ammunition Counter

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    • Description

      The Ammunition Counter is a one-piece clip-on design that works with Standard Armament or Nobles feed chutes using 7.62mm NATO ammunition with M-13 links. The system can connect anywhere along the feed chute. This system uses touchless optical sensors and is able to count in both directions, minimizing miscounts in high vibration environments.


      • O-ring sealed aluminum housing is suitable for harsh environments from -40˚C to 85˚C
      • Field serviceable battery powers unit up to 5 yrs
      • Programmable total and trip counters
      • Temporary ‘load’ counter can be used to count while loading and unloading magazine
      • Integrated seven digit display includes an NVG compatible backlight
      • Display easily rotates 180˚ for ease of viewing on either side


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    Barrel Clamp Safety Retainer Assembly

    • Description

      The Dillon Aero Barrel Clamp Safety Retainer Assembly is a clamshell bracket designed to prevent unintended barrel clamp departure. It replaces the barrel clamp bolt and cotter pin. The assembly is simple to install and can be quickly removed.


      • Clamshell bracket
      • Quick release pin and bolt
      • Nut
      • Cotter pin


    Battery Status Indicator

    • Description

      If the M134 is operating solely on battery power, the battery must be monitored at all times. All batteries require periodic charging even when not in use. The possibility of low battery power during combat operations is unacceptable. With this in mind, Dillon Aero designed the Battery Status Indicator. It provides a quick and simple method of determining the charge level of weapon system batteries. Simply plug in the BSI onto the battery contacts and press to test. The tester displays battery voltage, amperage, and percentage of battery charge available with the push of a button.


      • Numeric display and light bars offer simple visual inspection of remaining charge
      • Draws power from the battery being tested, and thus immediately provides an accurate reading
      • Automatic Sleep mode saves energy after 10 seconds


    Bullet Trap Assembly

    • Description

      The Dillon Aero Bullet Trap is an external safety device intended for operation during gun maintenance, hot-gun clearing, or at any point when the weapon may be armed but not in use. It is designed specifically to fit legacy and current M134 production barrel clamps.

      This compact safety enhancement system utilizes Concept Development Corporation’s patented Ballistic Media System, which has been independently tested by the U.S. Department of Energy, the FBI, and Sandia Laboratories. It has proven effective in stopping armor-piercing projectiles fired at contact distances from 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and .50 BMG weapons. The body of the bullet trap encloses a self-sealing rubber “plug,” which contains the ballistic media. It literally shreds the projectile, causing disintegration upon impact. Dillon Aero’s testing consisted of firing 27 rounds of 7.62mm into the trap, resulting in complete containment. The Bullet Trap offers quick and simple usage, and provides the maximum level of safety for maintenance personnel, vehicle or air crew. This low-cost safety enhancement system is rapidly gaining acceptance within U.S. and allied Armed Services.


      • Weight: 10 lb, 2 oz (4.59 kg)
      • Dimensions:
        • 4 7/8” (12.38 cm) diameter
        • 6 3/4” (17.15 cm) body length
        • 8 5/8” (21.91 cm) body and hook length
      • Replacement media kits are available


    M134D Assembly/Disassembly Fixture Kit

    • Description

      The Dillon Aero M134D Assembly/Disassembly Fixture Kit contains specialized fixtures and tools necessary for the complete disassembly and reassembly of the M134D. This kit contains a rotor disassembly tool, gearhead service kit, delinker assembly fixture, and bolt assembly fixture.

      NOTE: This kit is not required for routine gun maintenance.