Supporting Accessories

Supporting accessoriess of the Dillon M134D are:

  • Armorer’s Tool Kit/Gunner’s Spares
  • Inert Rounds: Training Aid
  • Manual Ammunition Linker



    Armorer’s Tool kit/Gunner’s Spares

    • Description


      The Dillon Aero Armorer’s Tool Kit contains the tools and spare items required for maintenance of the M134D system at the armorer level. The kit is stored in a sturdy lightweight carrying case. The rugged material and fold-out design ensures protection of the equipment. Dillon Aero maintains an inclusive, itemized list of all equipment within the Toolkit. For more information, please contact Dillon Aero.



      The Gunner’s Spares/Tool Bag contains the basic tools and spare items needed for the gunner to maintain the M134D system while in the field. The tools fit neatly into a rugged, transportable carrying case with molle straps for easy mounting to existing equipment. Included in this kit are a spare barrel, barrel erosion indicator, guide bar, bolt and bolt track, delinker retainment pin, and assorted hardware. Additionally, the three tools needed for field maintenance – large flat blade screwdriver, diagonal cutters (dikes), and ¼ inch ratchet, are included.


    Inert Rounds: Training Aid

    • Description

      For every minute spent live firing a weapon, an estimated hour should be spent in training. The majority of drills occur either indoors or in a similar non-shooting environment. The universal rule is simple: Only use live ammunition for actual shooting. To use it in functional training leads to disastrous or even deadly results. The most common inert loaded 7.62x51mm rounds are the M172. This inert two-piece cartridge has two major drawbacks. First, repeated use of standard inert ammunition often leads to debulleting, the result of the acceleration and then sudden stop of a cartridge. The second drawback is inherent to the inert filler of sodium carbonate monohydrate. Should an inert cartridge become debulleted or torn open, all 50 grains of filler are lost in the weapon. Dillon Aero inert ammunition does not contain filler. Single-piece inert rounds also exist, often machined as solid stainless steel cartridges. While durable, they may also break the fingers off the stripper and damage the feeder/delinker through creating an artificial stoppage during jam clearance training. Dillon Aero inert rounds solve this issue with its specific construction.


      • Two-piece design combines standard brass cartridge case with specially-machined lightweight aluminum bullet
      • Hard anodization of the bullet inhibits wear resistance
      • Black hard anodized finish and empty primer pockets assist in identification
      • Tight bullet case crimping and filler-free bullet contain a fraction of real bullet mass, making it resilient to debulleting

      Dillon Aero combines the best elements of both types of inert rounds to provide the smartest and safest choice for military, law enforcement, and hobbyists alike.

    Manual Ammunition Linker

    • Description

      The Dillon Aero Manual Ammunition Linker is a tool which is used to manually link 7.62x51mm ammunition into linked belts. It can manually link up to 21 rounds of ammunition at a time, which can also be linked together to make longer belts. This Manual Ammunition Linker can link different types of ammunition including live and Inert Rounds (Training Aid).