Ammunition System Accessories

Ammunition system accessories of the Dillon M134D are:

  • Ammunition Counter
  • Feed Chute
  • Feed Chute Cover
  • Narrow Profile Booster Assembly
  • Round Repositioner

    Ammunition Counter

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    • dsc_4157
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    • dsc_4157

    • Description

      The Ammunition Counter is a one-piece clip-on design that works with Standard Armament or Nobles feed chutes using 7.62mm NATO ammunition with M-13 links. The system can connect anywhere along the feed chute. This system uses touchless optical sensors and is able to count in both directions, minimizing miscounts in high vibration environments.


      • O-ring sealed aluminum housing is suitable for harsh environments from -40˚C to 85˚C
      • Field serviceable battery powers unit up to 5 yrs
      • Programmable total and trip counters
      • Temporary ‘load’ counter can be used to count while loading and unloading magazine
      • Integrated seven digit display includes an NVG compatible backlight
      • Display easily rotates 180˚ for ease of viewing on either side


    • Missing Attachment

    Feed Chute

    • Description

      Feed Chute is designed and manufactured so that one end attaches securely to the Ammunition Booster and the other to the gun. It allows for safe and efficient transfer of ammunition from the Ammunition Magazine to the gun. It is available in several different lengths.

    Feed Chute Cover

    • Description

      Feed Chute Covers are available in several different lengths, and wrap around the Feed Chute using a velcro ® strip and protects the feed chute/ammunition from dirt and debris.

    Narrow Profile Booster Assembly

    • Description

      The Dillon Aero Narrow Profile Booster Assembly provides the supplemental power necessary for moving ammunition over longer distances, as required by certain applications. Designed to minimize space requirements, the assembly mounts to the top of the magazine lid and drives the ammunition as it enters the feed chute. The footprint of the booster motor is no wider than the magazine.


      • Helps ensure an uninterrupted flow of ammunition
      • Allows for more system configuration options
      • Designed to work with all standard 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition, including SLAP and blank rounds
      • Sub-assembly includes DC booster motor, DC transmission, AC transmission, and AC/DC booster housing
      • The Dillon Aero Narrow Profile Booster Assembly is currently in service with the U.S. and foreign militaries


    Round Repositioner

    • Description

      As is the case with all belt-fed weapons, the M134D’s feed system is sensitive to mislinked ammunition. Travel-induced vibrations, mishandling, etc. may cause belted rounds to shift in the links. When a round shifts, it moves out of alignment (either fore or aft) in relation to the other rounds in the belt. When the belt becomes too wide to enter either a feed chute or the feed port on the weapon itself, a feed stoppage ensues. The cause of this occurrence is often undetermined.


      • Funnel-shaped interior
      • Easily installed at the exit of the magazine
      • Improperly linked rounds are repositioned prior to entering the feed chute

      The Dillon Aero Round Repositioner mitigates a common source of weapon malfunction through efficient and robust design.