Supporting Components

Supporting components of the Dillon M134D are:

  • Battery
  • Cable Harness
  • Laser (Optional)
  • Laser Rail (Optional)
  • Gun Control Unit (GCU/RGCU)
  • Gun Drive Unit
  • Gun Housing
  • Rotor
  • Spade Grip
  • Top Cover and Safing Blade Assembly


    • Description

      On a Dillon Aero Gatling Gun,the drive battery powers the Gun Control Unit directly connected by Dillon power cables. Dillon Aero provides the following drive batteries:

      • D8565/11-1 – Concorde Battery, 10 AH Lead-Acid
      • D8565/16-1 – Concorde Battery, 5¬†AH Lead-Acid
      • DMG0780 – Lightweight Lithium Battery, 7 AH

      All the above batteries are classified as non-hazardous and unrestricted for land, sea or air transportation when correctly packed. The batteries are designed to perform without maintenance and requires only routine visual and performance inspection.

    Cable Harness

    • Description

      Dillon’s Cable Harness is simple, strong and damage resistant. Three connectors carry power from the 24 Volt power source and distribute it to the Booster Assembly and the Gun Control Unit.

    Laser (Optional)

    • SLIDER5
    • SLIDER5

    • Description

      An optional Laser Sighting System may be used with M134 Gatling Guns. A Laser Sighting System includes:

      • Laser Sight 
      • Mount 
      • Cable(s)

      A variety of Laser Sights are available to fit the customer’s requirements. Mounts and cables may be purchased, or Dillon can create custom mounts and cables for use in both Crew Served and Fixed Forward applications.

    Laser Rail (Optional)

    • Description

      The Dillon Aero day-night sight rail easily attaches to the M134D and allows users to mount a variety of options including laser sights.