EC725/H225M, AS332 & AS532 Gun Mount Assembly

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  • Description

    The EC725/H225M, AS332, and AS532 Gun Mount Assembly attaches to the standard floor hard points with no structural aircraft modifications required. Installation is designed for left and right door applications while still allowing easy access through the doorway. The system incorporates a kick-out arm assembly to fire, then stows when not in use allowing the doors to close. The ammunition for the M134D is supplied by a 3,000-round ammunition magazine and feed system.


    • Total field of fire approximately 110° (Left and right azimuths based on aircraft configuration)
    • Elevation 1.5° Depression 55°
    • 24 VDC battery
    • Integrated battery status indicator
    • Integrated stow/lock of the gun in azimuth and elevation
    • Gas assist stowage of arm (reduces the amount of weight the operator has to pull into the aircraft)


    • Total system weight loaded with 3,000 rounds approximately 430 lb (195 kg)


    • Base plate 22.56” (57.3 cm) X 48.97” (124.4 cm)

    Aircraft Interface:

    • Pilot control box
    • 24 VDC trickle charge