DGS MK-12 Gun Sight

  • Description

    The Dillon MK-12 Fixed Forward Gun Sight is a simple, robust, reflex-type gun sight for use in fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

    The Dillon MK-12 was designed to meet the needs of light attack helicopters and certain fixed-wing aircraft. Differing from more expensive, more complex alternatives the MK-12 provides highly accurate weapons aiming reference at an affordable price.

    While traditional heads up displays and helmet mounted sights offer a dizzing array of information, the Dillon Gun Sight focuses on the one piece of information that the pilot actually needs during the fifteen seconds they are engaging the target – where the weapons are pointing. This decluttered approach allows for a large and easily viewable reticle providing quick and precise application of ordnance.

    Currently, Dillon offers mounting provisions for MD 500 series helicopters and pilatus PC-7 aircraft. Mounts for the Bell 407, UH-1, and Airbus helicopters are in development. The MK-12 is readily adaptable to many fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms with Fixed Forward weapon systems.


    • Fixed Forward (Reflex) Gun Sight
    • Greatly improves first-pass hits
    • Effective targeting to 1,200m maximum effective range
    • Simple & intuitive; remarkable ease of use
    • Requires minimal training to attain maximum operator proficiency
    • Streamlined design, yet highly durable
    • Lateral adjustment 4.2 inches
    • Vertical adjustment 3.55 inches
    • Adjustable azimuth and elevation, ± 3°
    • Night-vision device (NVD) compatible
    • Weight
      • Sight – 1.61 lb (0.73 kg)
      • Total system weight with both sights – 11.8 lb (5.35 kg)
        (System includes: 2 gun sights, 2 mounts, 2 brackets, 1 towel bar, and miscellaneous hardware)
    • Aircraft interface
      • Integrated into aircraft electrical system – no batteries to charge or replace