Mission Configurable Aircraft System (MCAS-500AH)

  • Description

    The Dillon Aero Mission Configurable Aircraft System provides an exceptional armament solution for the MD500 series of helicopters. Years of direct, hands-on experience coupled with exceptional engineers have produced an armament platform that is lighter, more capable, and easier to support than other systems currently available.

    Airframe sustainability and useful load benefit from the decreased overall weight; generally 70 pounds compared to legacy systems. The aircraft can now carry more ammunition, fuel, or additional weapons systems.

    Depending on the mission profile the user has endless configuration options utilizing up to 6 weapon stations. MCAS can easily and quickly be configured for Hellfire, M134D, GAU-19B, HMP-250/400, RMP, M260, or M261 rocket launchers based on mission requirements. The outer wing sections are capable of Smart Weapon Enhancements such as the Raytheon Griffin® B launcher. MCAS supports any combination of 3000 or 1500 round 7.62mm magazines, and/or 600 round .50 caliber magazines. All of the lightweight magazines have an identical footprint that lock into common points.

    The outboard wing sections fold 180º to reduce the lateral dimension to 86 inches. This results in easier transport and a smaller hangar footprint. Damage prone areas are easily replaced in the field. It is not necessary to replace an entire plank because of localized damage. MCAS wings are interchangeable between aircraft. With complete interchangeability between airframes, there is no need for tail number specific hardware. This provides the user greater flexibility.

    To allow for faster reload times and diminish stress on crew, we have reduced lift height, and provided smooth obstruction-free magazine rails. Cables are routed through fairings that provide protection from the environment. A pass-through within the center section allows flex chuting to be mounted completely underneath the wing eliminating interference during arming.


    • Six stations
    • Fully qualified
    • Lightweight
    • Designed by SOF aviation users
    • Field maintainable/repairable
    • Complete airframe interchangeability
    • Foldable for easy transportability
    • Clean/efficient design for ease of operation
    • Compatible with future Precision Guided Munitions