Multi-Mission Compatible System (MMC/MMC-R)

  • Description

    The Multi-Mission Compatible System (MMC) enables land & sea platforms (tactical vehicles, boats) to be rapidly configured to meet the continually changing requirements of the modern battlefield. It is a cost-effective weapons and ammunition mounting system that allows users to setup a vehicle platform to suit mission requirements. The MMC includes a low-profile ‘A-frame’ weapons mount, bearing ring, hand crank and transit lock, as well as integrated ammunition magazine carrier. The magazine carrier supports any of the following: 1 x m134 magazine, 5 x m240 magazines, 5 x .50 caliber magazines, or 2 x 40mm 100 round magazines for the MK19.

    Multi-Mission Compatible Rapid System (MMC-R) is based on the MMC with two additional features giving the system a ‘rapid stow to low-profile’ ability. First, the fixed A-frame gun support is replaced with a folding A-frame. The second feature is the fixed magazine carrier is replaced by a removable magazine support structure. This system is intended for applications where overall vehicle height is critical such as transport helicopter operations. The MMC-R can be deployed in under two minutes.

    The components include:

    1. Turret ring
    2. Universal weapons sub-mount (accepts Dillon Aero’s entire line of high ammunition capacity weapon mounts)
    3. Universal ammunition sub-tray
    4. Gear ring
    5. Hand crank
    6. Transit lock with dead man switch
    7. Ground vertical arm for M134
    8. MK93 weapons mount for M2/MK19
    9. M35 weapons mount for M240 (MAG58)/M249
    10. Dillon Aero M134D Magazine (holds 3,000 rounds)
    11. M2 ammunition magazine holder (holds five 100-round .50 cal magazines)
    12. MK19 magazine holder
    13. M240/MAG58/MK48 ammunition magazine holder (holds eight 200-round 7.62mm magazines)
    14. M134 battery and battery tray
    15. Gunner’s shield

    The Multi-Mission Compatible System is offered in two models, the MMC and the MMC-R (Rapid). On the standard model MMC, the Universal Weapons Sub-Mount and Universal Ammunition Sub-Tray are fixed components that allow users to weaponize their vehicle as required.

    The MMC-R offers the same capabilities as the MMC but is designed to be compatible with CH-47 space limitations on vehicles designed specifically with this in mind, like the Polaris Dagor. To achieve this, the MMC-R Weapons Sub-Mount folds down and the Universal Ammunition Sub-Tray quickly disconnects from the bearing assembly to accommodate CH-47 transport. This allows the user to bring a vehicle to ‘mission ready’ status in a minimum amount of time.

    The Universal Weapons Sub-Mount will accept Dillon Aero’s complete line of HiCap high ammunition capacity weapon mounts.


    • Support structure (optional)
    • Compatibility with M134D, M240 (MAG58)/M60/MK48, MK19/MK47/HK GMG, M2, and others
    • Universal ammunition sub-tray allows for easy conversion
    • Custom holders and racks

    Future Upgrades:

    • Powered turret
    • 360° turret armor