Vertical Arm Assembly

  • Description

    The Vertical Arm is a short vertical post which provides the M134 with its horizontal axis of rotation. It is fully compatible with the entire line of Dillon mounts. As with Dillon’s helicopter gun mounts, the Vertical Arm for helicopter operators is designed to meet the US Air Force’s strict 20/20/10 “g” loading criteria and is available in steel or titanium.

    At the top of the Vertical Arm is the Yoke socket. The yoke is secured in the socket by means of a quick release pin. This allows the gun to be mounted to the Vertical Arm in seconds. The Yoke socket is lined with an oil-light bushing. The use of oil-light bushings helps to prevent galling, common in other mounts, and ensures long part life and easy repairability.

    Another advantage of using the Dillon Vertical Arm is that it is fully compatible with the Dillon M240 gun cradle, allowing operators to switch seamlessly between the M134 and the M240, depending on mission requirements.

    Dillon Aero manufactures the following Vertical Arm Assemblies:

    • Vertical Arm Assembly, Titanium
    • Vertical Arm Assembly, Stainless Steel
    • Vertical Arm Assembly, Titanium
    • EGMS Vertical Arm Assembly