Technical & Spare Parts Support

At Dillon, we believe that our relationship with our customers does not end after we sell a product, and this philosphy serves as the basis of our customer support strategy. We always stand behind the product we make.

We have strived to make our products extremely reliable, however, anything mechanical can break. In those rare circumstances, when a part fails or support is needed, we work hard to provide what the customer needs, when they need it. Dillon’s support staff is led by senior technician Mr. Anthony. Mr. Anthony has been with Dillon for more than 20 years. He and his hand-picked staff have set the standard for quality and dedication to performance within the industry.

The President’s Promise

If you need our support you can be certain that you will not be just a number or an email to Dillon. We will respond quickly to your inquiry. More to the point, if at anytime you are not satisfied with our service, please call our main number and ask to speak with Mr. Dillon. He wants to hear from you.

At Dillon, our name is our reputation.

High standing within the defense trade is neither easily won nor casually sustained. Thus, Dillon Aero is proud to be renowned for combining purpose-driven design with solution-driven customer support. Our products are used in real-world situations that demand reliability under high stress. As such, we are concerned with innovation, safety, and efficiency. We boldly exemplify the business standard, rather than merely meet it.



Dillon’s devotion to customer service is second to none, given our exceptional mobile support staff found on every continent. Additionally, we have created Dillon Maintains, a worldwide support network consisting of three mobile training and maintenance groups to better assist our customers. Our traveling instructors and service technicians ensure that we maintain regular contact with our clients, ensuring rapid response and cultivating company presence. We stand behind our products and their operators. We understand that the best way to support is to be there when you need us. Besides, the request form below, you can also schedule technical support via email or phone (details available on contact page).



The quality of Dillon products are matched by the quality of its service. When spare parts are needed no one wants to wait months or longer.  Yet more often then not that is the case.  That is because industry is loath to invest resouces on inventory that is not already on contract. This means the customer is almost always left to wait.

To avoid these unnecessary delays in support, Dillon maintains substantial reserves of inventory at all times, rather than waiting to manufacture a part postorder. While this is not typical within the industry, we feel that it is commonsense strategy for effective customer service.
Technical/Spare Parts Support Request