Black Hawk Window Mount

  • Description

    The Dillon titanium Black Hawk Window Mount is the lightest mount available for the UH-60 series aircraft that is M134, M240, and M60 compatible. At 22.9lb (10.3kg) the Dillon mount is nearly 50% lighter then its alternatives.

    When deployed in the Crew Served position, the Dillon UH-60 mount places the weapon 16 inches outside the aircraft, providing the operator a nearly 180 degree field of fire. This mount also allows for Fixed Forward firing.

    If required the mount may be retracted inside the aircraft allowing for internal storage, though in practice this is rarely done.

    Installation is a simple process and requires no airframe modification for I, M, and L model aircrafts. For some A-model aircrafts, the addition of a simple doubler plate may be necessary.

    Dillon’s Black Hawk Mount has been in service with the US army since 2005. Currently, there are more than 600 of these mounts in service with the US and allied services worldwide.


    • Attaches to either the left or right window station behind the cockpit
    • Configured for either Crew-Served or Fixed Forward operation
    • Stowed internally or extended for combat
    • Accepts an M134, M240 (MAG58), or M60