Dillon Aero offers a wide range of modern air, land and sea based products and systems, cultivated from an extensive array of historical military gunnery applications.

We also embrace a forward-looking initiative to develop new and unique products, fulfilling future needs and capability gaps where no current material solutions exist.


Dillon Aero hosts a team of engineers who possess decades of experience creating solutions that are safe and effective. Areas of expertise range from 3D Mechanical Design, Electrical Systems Design, Structural Substantiation and Avionics Integration to rapid prototyping leveraging the use of in-house CNC machining, 3D Printing and fabrication capabilities.

Dillon Aero Engineering also possesses the in-house testing and data-collection capabilities and facilities to support qualification, validation, and safety assessment activities associated with weapon systems integration, including live-fire testing, on aerial and ground platforms.

Within Dillon Aero Engineering, our ISO 9001:2015-certified design and development activities are pursued with a mind towards generating robust, dependable, user-friendly equipment, and with genuine dedication to support the men and women who put our products to use out in the field.