Dillon Manufacturing is the merging of two families, Dillon and McMillan that represents over 30 years manufacturing experience in the firearms industry with close working relationships with specialty services like heat treating and custom coatings to provide full service with one vendor. Our capabilities include horizontal and vertical machining, engineering, prototyping and assembly. We maintain a Type 7 FFL.


Manufacturing Capabilities

6 Matsuura Horizontal Machining Centers

  • Up to 80 Tools
  • 4-axis w Dual Pallets

8 Haas Vertical Machining Centers

  • Travels up to 60″
  • 4th & 5th Axis

Full Inspection & CCM Capabilities

  • Engineering & Assembly
  • Deburr, Tumble, Media Blast, Coating
  • Type 7 FFL

1 CNC Multitasking Lathe

Dillon Aero sees every product through the last stage of manufacturing. Product quality and customer satisfaction stands above all else. Whether the request comes directly from the end user, or we are developing a new product from scratch, our processes and procedures remain consistent. Dillon Aero manufactures the majority of our products in-house and partner with a highly capable supplier base to provide materials and coatings.