Chinook Mount

  • Description

    The Dillon Aero Chinook Mount is a highly capable system allowing for use of the M134 or M240. Weighing in at 45 lb (20.4 kg) – a reduction of 5 lb (2.6 kg) from the original construction. Its bi-fold design allows for quick removal and stowing in the event either the left side window or the right side doorway is needed for egress or ingress. An additional feature of the bifold design allows for removal even after airframe buckling resulting from hard landing mishaps. This significantly improves crew member safety.


    • Standard post pintle of 2.25” (accepts the Dillon Aero Vertical Arm)
    • Accommodates two 4,000-round magazines and two batteries (for use with the M134D gun system)
    • Compatible with the M134D, M240/MAG58 and M60
    • Fits all versions of Chinook

    Dillon Aero is the sole provider of the Chinook mount to the U.S. Army Special Operations. It is also in service with numerous foreign militaries.