Armorer’s Tool Kit & Gunner Spares

Part Number: Various

NSN: Various (See Data Sheet)


The Dillon Aero Armorer’s Tool Kit contains the tools and spare items required for maintenance of the M134D system at the armorer level. The kit is stored in a sturdy lightweight carrying case. The rugged material and fold-out design ensures protection of the equipment. Dillon Aero maintains an inclusive, itemized list of all equipment within the Toolkit.

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The Gunner’s Spares/Tool Bag contains the basic tools and spare items needed for the gunner to maintain the M134D system while in the field. The tools fit neatly into a rugged, transportable carrying case with molle straps for easy mounting to existing equipment. Included in this kit are a spare barrel, barrel erosion indicator, guide bar, bolt and bolt track, delinker retainment pin, and assorted hardware. Additionally, the three tools needed for field maintenance – large flat blade screwdriver, diagonal cutters (dikes), and ¼ inch ratchet, are included.



The Dillon Aero M134D Assembly/Disassembly Fixture Kit contains specialized fixtures and tools necessary for the complete disassembly and reassembly of the M134D. This kit contains a rotor disassembly tool, gearhead service kit, delinker assembly fixture, and bolt assembly fixture.