Blade Safing Top Cover Assembly

Part Number: DMG0810
NSN: 1005-01-579-3281

The Dillon Aero Top Cover and Safing Blade Assembly is a single-piece unit that replaces both the Top Cover and the Safing Sector.

This unit gives the operator a mechanical safety that functions as a cycling sector and allows a gunner to mechanically safe the weapon without disassembling it.

The key feature of the new system is the single-motion blade Safing sector, allowing the M134D to be instantly rendered safe.

Operators are now able to clear the gun of remaining cartridges or check the function of the weapon quickly and safely.


Ease of installation

Streamlined, never-lose captured pins make setting up a simple process

Ease of operation


To close the safing sector, depress the spring-loaded latch and button, then close. The weapon is ready for fire.

To mechanically safe the M134D using the Dillon Aero Safing Sector, simply depress the spring-loaded latch and lift. The sector locks open, allowing the user to cycle live ammunition through the weapon without fire.