Ford F150 Turret Support System

Part Number: DGV4150

The Dillon Aero F-150 Turret Support is a bed-mounted structural cage and platform which installs in the Ford F-150 truck series.

Atop the tube steel cage is a fixed turret base, purpose built for compatibility with Dillon Aero MMC or MMC-R turret system.

The adjustable gunner platform gives operators stable footing and the correct height to comfortably and effectively control the weapon system around a 360 degree field of fire.

The lightweight, rigid construction weighs in well under 500 pounds and serves as an excellent drop-in solution.

Installation of the Turret Support System to the truck is simple and utilizes factory hardpoints. Because of this design, no modification of the factory bed is required.

In like fashion, the gunner platform can be easily removed and replaced for maintenance and cleanouts via a removeable pin system.

This elevated stand allows for sure footing as brass and link fall through to the bed of the vehicle.

Additional Info

Adjustable Gunner Platform

Steel Tube Cage

Steel Headache Rack

Turret Ring