Magazines/Feed Systems

Part Number: 503D

Historically, ammunition magazines have been a persistent source of weapon malfunctions due to various design inadequacies.

Dillon Aero invested many hours and resources into solving this problem, increasing both the reliability and the ease-of-use of magazines and feed systems.

Dillon Aero offers a wide selection of ammunition magazines, ranging in size from 400 to 4,000-round capacity.

Designed for aviation use and analyzed for crashworthiness, the products are notable for their high resistance to jamming.

Dillon Aero ammunition magazines are currently in service with the U.S. and foreign militaries, as well as in government service branches.


Integral attachment/tie-down mounting provision provides secure installation

Division of each magazine into several compartments creates multiple ammunition bays

Each bay is divided with at least one baffle, which controls the ammunition and prevents magazine jams caused by cartridge inter-locking.

Optimized baffle design makes loading the magazine a simple and rapid task

Loading is accomplished by laying a continuous belt of ammunition from end to end. When the first bay is full, the belt is fed into the crossover section of the magazine and into the second bay.

A standard 4,000-round magazine can be prepared for action in under four minutes.