Mi-17 FRIES Bar

Dillon Aero has developed the Fast Rope Insertion / Extraction system, or “FRIES”, for the Mil Mi-17 series aircraft.

This unit mounts from the Port Side utility door of the Mi-17 Helicopter.The light and compact frame of the FRIES is load proofed to support insertion and extraction of personnel via fast-rope. This system is secured by a redundant locking latch system.

Requiring only minor modifications to the airframe of the Mi-17, a low-profile fixture set, known as the “A-Kit” installs to the rib structure. The rig and latch assemblies may be unpinned for simplified removal from the aircraft.

As a guard against accidental rope detachment, three separate and overlapping safety mechanisms make certain that only intentional use of the controls can release the tether to the ground.


Aircraft Fixture Kit (A-Kit)

Rigging and Lockout Fixture (B-Kit)

Locking Latch (C-Kit)

Plaited or Smooth Rope

Extraction Line