M240 / MAG58 Cradle

Part Number: Various

The Dillon Aero line of gun mounts extends beyond the M134D. A lightweight universal gun mount option is also available for the M240/MAG58.

Its design ensures compatibility with the M134D Aviation Vertical Arm. As such, any platform equipped with an M134D system is interchangeable with the M240/MAG58 in a matter of seconds.

The M240/MAG58 Cradle can be fed from either the standard 200-round ammunition magazine, or Dillon Aero’s 400- or 500-round magazines, which results in fewer dropped magazines, less gun down-time, and reduced aircraft exposure.

The Dillon Aero M240/MAG58 Cradle is currently used by the U.S. and foreign militaries, operating in both ground and aviation applications.