Mi-17 FRIES Bar

Dillon Aero has developed the Fast Rope Insertion / Extraction system, or “FRIES”, for the Mil Mi-17 series aircraft.

This unit mounts from the Port Side utility door of the Mi-17 Helicopter.The light and compact frame of the FRIES is load proofed to support insertion and extraction of personnel via fast-rope.  This system is secured by a redundant locking latch system.

Requiring only minor modifications to the airframe of the Mi-17, a low-profile fixture set, known as the “A-Kit” installs to the rib structure. The rig and latch assemblies may be unpinned for simplified removal from the aircraft.

As a guard against accidental rope detachment, three separate and overlapping safety mechanisms make certain that only intentional use of the controls can release the tether to the ground.


  • Aircraft Fixture Kit (A-Kit)
  • Rigging and Lockout Fixture (B-Kit)
  • Locking Latch (C-Kit)
  • Plaited or Smooth Rope
  • Extraction Line