Tactical Vehicles (MMC : MMC-R)

Dillon Aero’s Multi-Mission Capable (MMC) and Multi-Mission Capable-Rapid (MMC-R) turret systems have been integrated into a wide variety of military vehicles. Needing only adapter plates, the MMC Turret offers a full array of Crew-Served Weaponry to the full size vehicle and UTV catergories.

This includes full facilitation of heavy weapons such as the Mk19 Grenade Launcher, M2 .50 caliber and the Dillon Aero M134D Minigun among others. The excellent packing efficiency of installed Turret Systems allow vehicles to retain much of their original cargo and crew capacity.

Often overlooked logistical considerations cannot be ignored when evaluating the MMC-R system. Given the collapsible features of the MMC-R, the vehicles maintains a minimal height profile, ideal for Special Operations deployments off vertically restrictive ramps.


Rapid Deployment from CH-47 Chinook Loading Ramps

Traversal of Most Terrain with full payload of Weapons and Ammunition

Available with MMC or MMC-R

Polaris DAGOR Weapon Stations, Utility Racks and Seating for up to 4 personnel