Gun Pod System

Part Number: DAP-6

162 lb (73.5 kg) empty
350 lb (158.8 kg) estimated when loaded

Height: 15.4” (39.1 cm)
Width: 13.1” (33.3 cm)
Length: 92.9″ (236 cm) w/ long barrels

Aircraft interface cabling
Master arm
Last round switch override
Battery trickle charge
Optional indicator light signals

The DAP-6 Gun Pod System is a self-contained M134D-H weapon system that mounts to either fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft.

It utilizes 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition with M13 links, firing 3,000 rounds per minute.

Manufactured to hang directly from a NATO Weapons Rack, the DAP-6 Gun Pod presents turnkey accessibility and proven firepower in a discrete and aerodynamic container. Integral bore sight adjustment +/- 2.5°


Self-contained M134D-H System

Detachable cones and fairing skins

Conformal Remote Gun Control Unit (RGCU)

Pod adapted 24 VDC Li-ion battery

Trickle charge capable from aircraft power

Pod adapted last round switch with pilot override interrupt

Mounts to 14” Standard NATO bomb rack

Optional Dillon hardback mount available to integrate the Gun Pod onto the standard Russian bomb rack, Mi-24, Mi-17 etc.

Capable of 400 kt airspeed at sea level

Armament package